Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Special music from 9/6/09

Bob Stewart, Christine Beam and Ben Stewart singing "Some Walls."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Responses to the Church Survey 2009

The following graphs and charts reflect the responses by congregation Members who participated in the survey. Our thanks go to all who took the time. This resulted in a 50% response which is quite significant. We hope this will be of help in church planning and programming as well as the direction our congregation takes on relevant matters.

Length of church attendance:

Frequency of church attendance:

Are you a member of AFPC? (1) Yes (2) No (3) Not Attend

What are most effective leadership styles for AFPC? (1) Take charge, (2) Take charge and Inspire, (3) Leader act on member goals, (4) Members initiate, (5) Don't know

How often do you experience the following during worship service?

Please rate the following statements about AFPC.

Adequacy of physical plant:

In your opinion, is seated communion or communion by intinction more meaningful?

Balance in support of local and global missions:

Rate importance of local benevolences:

Rate the importance of the global missions we support:

Programs that would help AFPC grow:

Don't attend Sunday School:

Involvement in AFPC Family:

Has your involvement in the life of the congregation increased, decreased or stayed about the same?

To what do you attrbute your increased congregational involvement: time availability, children, office held, groups, better health, stronger faith, spouse more involved, or other?

If you decreased church involvement, do you attribute it to: decreased availability of time, decreased responsibility, insufficient childrens programs, less positive attitude, health problems, decreased faith, spouse at other church, spouse less involved, or other?

Congregation makes visitors welcome:

Congregation makes me feel welcome:

What would draw others to AFPC?

How many persons or families have you invited to AFPC this past year?

How familiar are you with the church's operating budget and fiscal reports?

How familiar are you with AFPC's endowments?

How do you receive information from church?

Gender of respondents.

Age of respondents.